Internal rules for the recreation place “IEVAS”

For your holidays to be successful and secure, please follow the rules:

Check – in time: Arrival to the recreation place “Ievas”  from 15:00

Check – out time: till 12:00.

Different   arrival and departure times can be arranged in advance.

Reservation terms: To make a reservation, guests have to make an advance payment – 50% of the full price of the service (according to the invoice). Reservation is guaranteed at the time the reservation payment is received. When making a reservation, the guest has to confirm that he is acquainted with the internal rules of the recreation place “Ievas” and agree to abide them. The remaining 50% have to be paid before arrival, within the time limit specified on the invoice.

Only guests specified in the reservation are allowed to stay at the recreation place “Ievas”. Guests are not allowed to invite visitors to stay with them.

Cancellation of reservation: The reservation can be cancelled free of charge up to 14 days before the reserved date. If you want to cancel after this term, an advance  payment of 50% of the full amount of the service is lost.

Night-time:  23:00 – 08:00.

Smoking: In and around the tent smoking is prohibited. It is allowed to smoke outside – at a place specially organized for it and at the parking lot. The butts have to be thrown only in a specially designed boxes, carefully extinguished.  A fine may be charged for throwing butts or smoking in premises.

Pets: pets in the recreation place are allowed if arranged in advance.

Fire safety: It is prohibited to bring in and store flammable materials in a tent and to use devices with an open flame. Candles  are  allowed to be burned only by placing them on stable and safe base  without leaving them unattended. In the fire begins, a rescue service (112) must be called. If necessary, use fire extinguishers available in the bath- house.  The recreation place is in a forest with high fire risk, be careful with fire. Fire is only  permitted  in the  specially organized places. Do not leave the fire unattended. It is not  permitted to organize fireworks and to fly airlights, or to burn  sparklers in  premises. Before using the grill, move it safely away from the tent or bath – house and be careful.

Safety rules: The bath have to be used carefully, wood have to be added in moderate quantities, the stove must not be overheated, the chimney shutter must be in an open (vertical) position. Protect children from stove and fire materials.

The client is responsible for any damage caused to the property and  inventory and have to cover losses if any occur as a result of the actions of the clients. The client is obliged to report to the administration immediately on damaging or incidents occurring. Weapons, drugs and psychotropic substances are prohibited at the recreation place.

After leaving the recreation place “Ievas” does not take responsibility for clients` personal belongings.

There are currently no place for swimming, so it is not recommended to swim in the river Lose or in a near pond. A public place for swimming is available on the  river Venta , where it is safe to swim.

In case of a very strong rain and wind, we recommend the guests` cars be moved to the parking lot (up the hill) where there are no trees. If it is heavy rain, the car might not go up the hill.

Using the bath: The recommended temperature for bathing is 65-75 degrees, which can be reached after 2-3 hours of heating. It is permitted to pour only clean water on stones. Pouring beer and aromatic oils on stones and  using honey or cosmetic products in the bath are prohibited.

Using tub: It is possible to use tub for additional fee. In case of weather conditions (high wind, rain), the tub reservation can be cancelled free of charge a day in advance. The tub is filled with spring water. The recommended water temperature in the tub is 38-40 degrees. Depending on the air temperature, it will take approximately 3 hours to heat the tub. Any form of cosmetic products are not allowed to be added to water in the tub.

Fishing: Free fishing is allowed at a recreation place.

Using inventory: For additional payment, recreational equipment is available (2 SUP boards, 3 bicycles and 12 canoes). They are allowed to be used only  by guests of the recreation place “Ievas”. When using inventory, clients take responsibility for its safety.  Please use the inventory carefully (deliberately not to scratch, not to break, etc.). The inventory is ready for use, but the client is  responsible for making sure that it is in order before being used.

The SUP boards have to be transported carefully by carrying the handle in the middle of the board. In water, we recommend to use life jackets and safety links that connect you to the board.

The bicycle lock can be used for temporary connection at a distance of vision. It is prohibited to leave bicycles unattended in public places.

Using  canoe boats only with supervision of the instructor.

30.05.2021. Z/s ‘Ievas”